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Tenon Cutter TC 300 TSA, & Carbide Blade Package

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  • Tenon Cutter 300 Table Saw Attachment  
  • Infinitely adjustable tenon size ability.
  • Automatic return to cut.
  • Carbide blade cuts super smooth, silky smooth.
  • Cuts work piece with the grain, not crossgrain. 
  • Cut any size tenon from 1 1/4" diameter up to 5" in diameter on material up to 8" in diameter with a tenon length of up to 5" long.
  • Adjust to cut a perfectly streight tenon or a tapered tenon(like a wedge, set a taper of .010 per inch).
  • Speed? Tenon cutting on spindal size material you can figure 100 to 120 tenons per hour.  
  • Requires at least a 1 1/2 hp belt drive table saw.
  • Air over hydraulic motion control.
  • Infinitely adjustable feed speed.
  • DC Speed control for turning part,1/3 HP, 40 to 125 RPM
  • Standard maximum material length of 8 feet, 10 feet or 12 feet, chosen at time of order placement.
  • Fits a 4 inch vacuum hookup
  • The following cutting procedure matches the second half of pictures to the left. 
  • Set RPM of DC gear motor.
  • Measure workpiece to be tenonized.
  • Measure for tailstock setting.
  • Set tailstock to length.
  • Freehand drill a 1/2" x 1/2" hole in "tenon center".
  • Pull lever to open the tenon mouth.
  • Place workpiece on the "pins".
  • Release lever, the mouth will close and the workpiece will start turning.
  • Adjust the feed speed and push the start to cut button.
  • Note: Red STOP button will over-ride start button.
  • The workpiece moves over the cutter.
  • Tenon being cut.
  • Complete rough cut of tenon.
  • TC hits the depth of cut stop, pauses 3 seconds, and automaticly returns to complete cut. 
  • Clean up return cut is finished, bringing the tenon to a plus or minus .003" accuracy.
  • Flip the workpiece over for the second tenon cut.
  • Both ends of the workpiece have now been tenonized.
  • Two perfectly smooth tenons, silky smooth with a total time for both cuts, one minute. 


Price: $6,195.00
Ship Weight: 465
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