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Tenon Cutter TC22 TSA, Drilling Jig & Saber Blade

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  • Tenon Cutter 22 Table Saw Attachment, Comes as an entire Package with drilling jig plus items listed below
  • 40 page Blueprint book and instruction booklet
  • Demo DVD 
  • Two "chainsaw tooth" blades
  • Flex drive
  • Functional features are as follows:
  • Infinitely adjustable tenon size, from a 1" diameter tenon to a 5" diameter tenon.
  • Cuts one tenon dirrectly in line with the other tenon, perfect alignment of tenons.
  • Connect to your 4" shop vacuum and capture 95% of the shavings.
  • Removeable vacuum attachment. 
  • Cuts with the grain, not crossgrain.
  • Extremely smooth cut, silky smooth.
  • A custom made carbide blade is available.
  • 7 inch maximum work piece diameter.
  • 8 foot maximum work piece length. 
  • Designed to fit to the top of your table saw.
  • It takes about 5 min. to set it up.
  • The following steps will match the pictures on the left and walk you through cutting a tenon.
  • "Freehand" drill a 1/2" x 1/2" hole in each end of the workpiece.
  • Place the workpiece on the drilling jig included in the TC 22 TSA package.
  • Drill the 1/2" hole to a depth of 6".
  • Do the same on the opposite end. The drilling jig will cause both holes to be dirrectly in line with each other.
  • Place the included flex drive into your battery opperated drill and turning clockwise, thread the flexdrive into the workpiece.
  • Slide the workpiece all the way on to the axis shaft of the TC 22 TSA. Note: You are standing on the back side of the table saw.
  • At a slow speed turn the workpiece clockwise while lowering the workpiece onto the blade of the table saw.
  • Continue turning clockwise and lowering until the depth stop comes in contact with the stop.
  • Continue turning clockwise as you draw the workpiece off of the axis shaft finishing the cut.
  • Time elapsed: approx. one minute per tenon to drill and cut.
  • To cut a square shoulder tenon, switch the axis shaft from one mount to the other.
  • Drill the axis shaft hole.
  • Feed the workpiece onto the axis shaft through the hole in the side of the TC 22 TSA.
  • Feed the workpiece onto the axis shaft at a rate of about 1/16" per 1 revolution of the workpiece.
  • Time elapsed:approx. one minute per tenon to drill and cut. 

Price: $1,425.00
Ship Weight: 100

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