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Tenon Cutter TC 338 SC, the Industry Leader

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  • Totally self contained, 7 1/2HP.
  • Single phase or three phase.
  • Will cut tenon diameters from 1 3/8" to 6" in diameter.
  • Will cut a tenon length from 0 to 10" long.
  • Cuts a streight or tapered tenon.
  • Standard maximum workpiece diameter of 8" at the cutting end of the machine, but as far as a "bowed" workpiece, the workpiece must be able to spin within a 22" diameter circle.
  • Workpiece length, standard, from 8 inches to 10 feet long. 
  • Infinitely adjustable feed speed "air over hydraulic".
  • Infinitely adjustable RPM from 20 RPM to 150 RPM.
  • Carbide cutter.
  • Connect to 6" diameter vacuum line. 
  • Life expectancy? We have machines like this out there that have been built by Tenonizer that have cut over 3 million tenons, with all origional parts and no lost time down time. Just sharpen the carbide blade and grease the bearings.  

Price: $22,000.00
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